OS/161 Reference Manual


ls - list files or directory contents


/bin/ls [-adlRs] [path...]


ls lists the filesystem objects specified on the command line. If they are directories, the contents of the directories are listed (unless the -d option is used).

If the -a option is given, filenames beginning with dot (.) will be listed. Ordinarily, they are skipped.

If the -d option is given, directory contents will not be listed; the directories themselves will be.

If the -l option is given, a long format listing showing the file size, type, and link count will be displayed instead of just the filenames.

If the -R option is given, subdirectories encountered will be listed recursively.

If the -s option is given, the number of filesystem blocks used by each object will be displayed in addition to other information.

If no paths are specified, the current directory is assumed.


ls uses the following syscalls:

As fstat and getdirentry are generally not part of the basic system calls assignment, ls will usually still not function after the basic system calls assignment is complete. These calls are typically part of a later assignment, usually the file system assignment. You may also need to implement the getdirentry functionality at the file system level. Consult your course materials for specific information.